The Catholic Organist’s Quarterly Reviews

The Catholic Organist's Quarterly books have arrived and I am already putting them to good use. Played for a wake/vesper service tonight and used a piece by Metzler in the Spring 2017 volume. I should have recorded it - you could hear a pin drop. Lovely. Thanks!

—  Wayne Warren, Florida

Wow, I love this volume.  It contains exactly the kind of music I need as a Catholic organist.  I've always tried to find music that sets a prayerful atmosphere, and isn't too showy or too difficult to play. But I'm tired of browsing around the internet for suitable preludes and postludes.  It's cumbersome and usually one piece in 20 is worth keeping in my collection.  This book contains everything I will need.  I will probably use it every week going forward.  I've had organ students or colleagues ask me what to play for preludes and postludes and I usually just defer them to the internet.  It's nice to have 1 book to recommend.  It's especially helpful to have music organized according to liturgical feasts.  I think this is also the kind of collection that will be both satisfying to accomplished organists, and comforting to novice organists.  A portion of preludes based on Gregorian themes is also a huge plus for someone trying to introduce the Gregorian ethos to their parish.   

-- Luke Massery, Cleveland, Ohio

A lovely, newly-engraved volume, containing a wide variety of material, specially selected to accord with the quarter of the liturgical year.  Contains excellent registration suggestions and playing notes at the end, which should be especially helpful for organists with limited training, those who are self-taught, or those transitioning from a background in piano performance. This is a wonderful book, and I highly recommend it!

— Ryan McEldowney, MMus -- Director of Liturgical Music, St. Francis de Sales Seminary, St. Francis, WI

I basically devoured the music this morning before work on my keyboard attached to Hauptwerk. What an enjoyable time I had.

Here are the things I love:

  • So many styles to choose from - from Bach to Berlioz
  • High-quality music and easy to read
  • Accessible - I'm a grade 5 organ player (I dare not call myself an organist, but have grade 8 piano and ATCL in flute) and I think I could master most of the work
  • I love how some of the music is based on the melody of chantsI like that the work is ordered according to feast
  • I LOVE the suggestions on how to play at the end

In a nutshell - I feel like this is the answer to our prayers. It is the embodiment of everything an organist (especially a novice) would need to add splendour to divine worship, and lead the congregation in a fitting manner according to the traditions of the Roman Rite.

Thank you so much for your initiative, it is just wonderful!

Jonathan Lee Ching, Capetown, South Africa